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BETTORSIGNALS our new betting and affiliate product

Who stands behind the idea?
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We feel proud to announce that our newest product idea has become a reality, and from the 26th of November, everyone can use the BETTORSIGNALS platform completely for free. 

We made this betting and affiliate platform totally from scratch. We started with conceptual work, then some market research, design, and lots of coding. Right now, it is in the marketing phase. The majority of the work is done, so we want to show you the results.

But what is BETTORSIGNALS, actually?

We would like to introduce you to Adrian, BETTORSIGNALS framer, and coordinator. Because of his tenacity, this R&D project became a reality.

Adrian shared with us some insights from working on this project

So let’s get started. 

  • Hi Adrian, can you please explain what is BETTORSIGNALS?

This is a platform where users can find daily tips on the most popular games/leagues in sports, which are published in a new, refreshing format with an interface inspired by social media.

These tips (we call them “Signals”) are our experts' predictions for upcoming matches, accompanied by their commentary on the game.

BETTORSIGNALS aims to serve new generations of players find inspiration for sports betting.

  • Where did the idea for such an initiative come from?

Privately, I have had this idea since forever. Already when I was submitting my resume to TDSOFT, I knew that I wanted to work here because my interests were deeply connected with betting and sports, and it is mainly around these topics that the projects created by the company are focused.

That's why during the summer, before I submitted my resume, I had to create something that I could put in my repository, and that project was the concept of a page where I would post tips for my subscribers. I've always had this idea in the back of my mind, so I'm even happier that I could finally realize it on a large scale.

  • When was the project started?

Back in April, but then it was mostly conceptual work. At that time, our Front-End developer Jakub also joined us as an intern, and that's where it started. Dariusz and I found that this was the perfect time to give it a go.

  • How did you organize the work?

I wanted to plan it a little differently so that it would be a respite from our commercial projects. 

We certainly didn't do sprints; instead, I created a rather attractive format for our developers. 

I took the time to write down as many things as possible that needed to be done. I did it in an attractive way with some emoticons, sub-items, and points. 

These tasks would get their priority and we would get together as a whole group and do something that I compare a bit to fantasy draft in the “NBA Live 2008” video game. When I was a kid, I really enjoyed playing that game. There was a mode where players had no club affiliation and in each round, you could pick the best player available at that moment. We did it in such a way that at the meeting I presented a pool of unassigned tasks, and then each team member could decide for themselves what they would do in the near future. Most fun tasks were taken first. We selected this in relation to ambition, depending on what each person wanted to learn at the time. This was something that was radically different from how we approach commercial projects to be most effective.

  • So what’s next? What are the plans for the coming months?

At the time of this interview, we are one day after the site's official launch. At this point, we are wrapping up work on the site and focusing on the processes to meet our content ambitions. We aim to ensure that the site has something to offer visitors daily. We need to hire the right people to provide valuable content for users, and that is one part.

But on the other hand, we need to make sure that organic reach grows to help this project simply grow, because reach will be the fuel for product development.

  • What about more forward-looking plans?

We'll be doing an anniversary at this time next year, and I want everyone to have t-shirts with the logo for the occasion. In addition, I hope to have the BETTORSIGNALS development team contracted by then so that we don't have to divide their time between client services we provide, and so that they can work full-time on the project.

That's why my goal if the traffic growth trends can be maintained, is to add more modules and allow users to register or add their own signals and rate those published by others. And we plan to gamify all these processes so that the user is rewarded for every action taken on the site.

I'm really looking forward to adding gamification system, because it will also be a great showcase of what our company specializes in: gamification and sports betting. 

It would be a great example of combining our two main areas of interest in one project. 

  • Thank you, Adrian, for sharing this story with us!

If you got this far, make sure to visit BETTORSIGNALS platform!

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But if you are interested in design side of this project, visit our Behance profile.

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