By April 28, 2022

How to start working as a programmer without commercial experience?

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Hi! I just recently started my adventure as a programmer and I’d like to share valuable insights with you.

1. Foundations

There are many factors that motivate future developers. Having the status of a "20k programmer", the ability to work remotely, unlimited opportunities for development or even fascination with the world of IT. I believe in the theory that with strong enough motivation comes everything else.

The entry threshold in this profession is high, so it is recommended to choose an interesting technology from the beginning.

Being genuinely interested in the field that you will work in will give you additional motivation. A one-week course is not enough to be able to contribute real value in a large project – I recommend keeping a history of your development from the beginning, taking an active part in events and keeping a code repository. A completed project different from template notebooks or calculators is a guarantee of success.

2. Quality

Now that you are motivated and know what you want to learn, focus on fully understanding the functionality you are using. Make a habit of writing tests. This will definitely set you apart from other beginners.

While learning, don't be afraid to use official documentation. Of course, you can't always do without stackoverflow. Moreover, it's worth learning about "code cleanliness" and refactoring completed projects.

3. Cooperation

One of the most important skills in a programmer's work is good communication.

Programmers rarely work alone, business requirements change, and a misunderstanding can determine the fate of the project. It is worth developing the skill of cooperation from the very beginning – this is demanding but in the long run it will pay off. 

Good luck!

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