By October 14, 2021

The Lost Art of Pragmatic Spirituality

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It is pragmatic. It is practical. It is simply the right thing to do. 

Spirituality is not something that you do after work. It is something that you integrate. It is something that you do every day, in order to serve the people you are working with in the best way possible. 

We see it as something oriental, something out of our box. But the reason we do that is because we do not understand it. We do not understand how helpful and pragmatic it can be. Spirituality is progress. Spirituality is peace of mind. Spirituality is the highest level of intellect possible. The highest level of intellect to run at. 

Once you realize that, once you see how it works, everything changes. You start to be the observer of your own thoughts. You start to be the observer of your own states. You start to be the observer of your own weakness. And you learn how to deal with it, in a way that will be the most productive for the mission that you are meant to realize. 

Spirituality is meant to be pragmatic. Spirituality is meant to be helpful. Spirituality is meant to be integrated, used, respected, understood, and talked about. Spirituality is the answer, the truth, the final goal and destination. Spirituality is god, god in the form that can, shall, and will be comprehended, if you are willing to learn and listen. Not to me. To yourself. To the truth that lies within you. To the schemes, mechanisms, intrinsic motivations, discomforts, explanations, rationalisations, and all the fuss that is blocking you from the source, from the origin, from the pain, that you shield yourself from at every step of the way, at every step of your everyday journey. But in that pain, in that truth, in the fact of it, you can find everything that you need. You can find the answer. You can find your true nature, the unblocking of your true potential, and the clarity of mind and understanding that you have never experienced before. 

And what else does one need to serve, does one need to do their job the best way possible, than the most effective intellect and clarity of mind incomparable to any other, experienced beforehand?  

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By October 13, 2021

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