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How good designs are created
1. Research, Analyze & Ideate

The first step is to identify and understand the client's problem, followed by finding the solution based on the researched user's needs and expectations.

2. Wireframes & Prototypes

The process of translating ideas onto paper, building and organizing information, creating simple skeletons enables the first testing.

3. Tests & Fixes

The stage of the goal, which is to eliminate errors and check ideas before their implementation.

4. UI & Visual identification

At thist stage, the preparation and previously tested mock-ups look like a finished product. Design is about refining typography, applying colors and other graphic elements.

Phase 1Research, Analyze & Ideate

We start with the user. Learn about him and define an issue that our design would help to solve.

Research, Analyze & Ideate

- identifying the target group of users, their needs and problems;

- getting to know their feelings, motivations and behaviors;

- understanding the customer's idea for the product and problems to be solved;

- getting to know the market and competition;

- understanding the product, its values, features and business goals.

Phase 2Wireframing & Prototyping

- creation of wireframes - sharing of clickable prototypes - obtaining the customer feedback

Phase 2
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Phase 3Testing & fixes

A/B tests, Usability testing, Heat maps


- product testing and verification of the righthness of solutions and elimination of wrong solutions;

- collecting feedback from users, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the product at a given stage

Some of the questions asked:

What do users think about selected solutions?

Which solution best suits their needs?

How do they behave while using the product?

What problems are they encountering?

What is the actual journey path?


Fix design issues after gathering users feedback.

Phase 4UI & Visual Design

AdobeXD, Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma, Sketch

The final stage.

At the final stage, we are creating an attractive and consistent appearance of the application. We focus on visual consistency, final identification and design interactions.

Some elements affected by a given process:

  • Graphics

  • Real content

  • Typography

  • Animation

  • Interactions

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