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App development process
1. Idea discovery

We talk with you, provide reserach on the idea, its technical feasibility, deliver early data regardin the project size and cost.

2. Technical requirements discovery

We ensure we know all important technical requirements.

3. MVP scoping phase

We work together to deliver basic set of models and wireframes to allow us to fully understand the roadmap towards MVP. So called "Sprint 0".

4. UX Design

In this stage we work with wireframes and clickable prototypes.

5. MVP build in lean cycle approach

We work in sprints, coordinate our work using frequent meetings with the client and deliver functional bits for testing through series of demo sessions and early access tools.

Phase 1Idea discovery

We are working with you through your idea, asking many additional questions to solidify the concept.

Some of the questions asked:

What problem are we solving? Who are target customers? What are the key functionalities we are looking for? What are technical possibilities right now?

Phase 2Tech Requirements

We try to fully understand how technology can be used to deliver the product. We choose frameworks and do dry-tests of their capabitlies to ensure we chose the right tech stack for you.

Phase 2
Check out samples of our prototypes!
Phase 3MVP Scoping phase

To ensure we get it right for the first time

Data Model

How data interconnects within an efficient structure.

Views & transitions

A simple app turns into horrendous 200 views and states.


Assessing security requirements, CMS requirements, ensuring all user needs are covered.

Phase 4UX Design

The whole project comes together

Delivery of the design comes last

This ensures that developers can deliver the functionalities with a high level of confidence that they will not change dramatically.

Step by step

Delivery is split into chunks of updates to give all business stakeholders time to comment and feedbck on them before they will be sent for development.

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