QA Tester

Salary: 5-7k (Employment contract brutto, B2B / Civil contract netto)


Flexible schedule, remote work possibility (hybrid)


Min 2 days/week stationary work (in the office)


Modern office with startup atmosphere

Job Description

We are looking for someone exceptional to join our team. In exchange we have something exceptional to offer.

Apart from all the obvious perks you get everywhere you apply for a dev-related job - a spacious and modern office, hybrid work possibility, and a more than good salary - we offer you something not so obvious and easy to quantify - everyday satisfaction and happiness at work.

We are a company focused intensely on building an exceptional company culture and work environment. We do it by relentlessly optimizing the way we function, listening to our team members, and enabling them to communicate and signal their needs and expectations as freely and openly as possible.

Apart from that we are very much into gamification - we gamify the way we work, the way we learn, and the way we share knowledge. By doing so, we build an organization that values, supports, and appreciates people who give their hearts to what they do, and have the guts, courage and will to shoot for the extraordinary.

All this in an environment consisting mostly of young and ambitious people, who inspire and motivate each other to push their limits everyday.

The best part - it actually works. We feel we are really onto something big. And we want you to join us on our journey to change the world for the better.

In concrete terms - what do we offer?

  • 5-7k
  • Modern technologies (more below)
  • Equality, trust & respect among team members
  • Self-organization and high levels of autonomy
  • Hybrid work possibility (we expect you to show up at the office at least twice a week, especially in the beginning, but apart from that - it’s all up to you. We are very much into trust and self-organization. Most people prefer to regularly show up at the office due to the exceptional atmosphere but the choice is always yours.)
  • Chill space with PS5, table football, darts, chess & more
  • Standing desk
  • High performance computer of your choice
  • Inspiring peers
  • Growth motivation via healthy competition (supported with a gamification app developed by our team)
  • Social benefits: Budget for Sport activities, medical services and English lessons

What do we do?

We are a software development company that develops digital products and websites for International Clients (mostly from UK). We specialize in gamification and spend a big part of our resources on developing our own products. With time, we plan to transform into a product based company (meaning one that has the majority of revenue coming from their own products).

What technologies would you work with?

  • Cypress
  • JavaScript / ES6

What would you do?

  • Verify the implementation against the requirements
  • Write automatic test cases in Cypress
  • Perform manual testing
  • Verify application status after releases



  • Automatic test writing skills
  • Unit and integration testing skills (JEST)
  • Manual testing skills
  • Web security fundamentals
  • Creativity
  • English B2


  • Cypress
  • JS (ES6)
  • Typescript
  • React

Additional Points For

  • Familiarity with Selenium (JS)
  • Familiarity with React testing library - JEST
  • Familiarity with both Unix (MacOS, Linux) and Windows environments

Why are we the right place for you?

Unprecedented growth opportunities

Mastermind atmosphere, mutual trust, and entrepreneurial culture - what else does one need to realize their potential?

TDSOFT office space

Roles independent of your time in the company

We don't put up walls where it is unnecessary. It is up to you to find the best spot for you in the company, and convince others that you are up for the challenge.

TDSOFT office space

Stress-free atmosphere

Positive people, modern workspaces and engaging projects. What else does one need to enjoy their life in the office?

TDSOFT office space

Our Core Values

Good Communication

We are positive, open, and honest in mutual communication. All this makes it so much easier to enjoy work and provide extraordinary results to our clients.

Care for Quality

We gather individuals who naturally care for the details. It makes working together so much easier, saves us from unnecessary stress, and makes the end results work as expected.


We believe in working less but better. By consistently striving to optimize the system we work in, we make sure to realize each drop of potential that runs in our company.

Hunger for growth

We learn. A lot. And we build a culture that values and supports that. If our strategy was summarized in one sentence, it would be to realize the potential of the individuals within - by all means necessary.


We value good ideas and support each other in realizing them. It is as simple as that.


We understand that the path to success is through mutual growth. That is why we value mentorship, and share knowledge with every opportunity.

Business Thinking

At the end of the day, we see ourselves as players in the great game of business. Hierarchies - but only those of competence, mutual respect, and positive atmosphere, all make it so much easier to ship extraordinary results, while simply enjoying life at the same time.

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